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thebigmin's Journal

Alex's LJ
20 April
1.6 band, 400 years, 7 angels 7 plagues, 924 gilman, american football, american nightmare, an albatross, angel hair, arthur lee and love, as black hearts break, audiocrush, beneath the ashes, broken hearts are blue, camber, causing havoc, city of caterpillar, coalesce, commander venus, constantine sankathi, copeland, cross my heart, dashboard confessional, desert city soundtrack, embrace the end, explosions in the sky, for all it's worth, for the crown, forever changes, funeral diner, further seems forever, ghosts & vodka, givenchy, gorgoroth, heart cross love, hoover, horror city, horror city superstition, hotridebikes, i hate myself, i have dreams, in control, in loving memory, jr ewing, julia, khayembii communique, killing the dream, king ly chee, la quiete, lacoste, lewis, life long tragedy, lifelongtragedy, lights out, lincoln, locale am, logh, love, love like... electrocution, mae, maximillian colby, mineral, miramonte, mogwai, navio forge, new found glory, oh you skeleton, omega cinco, ordination of aaron, orinda, owen, pedro the lion, pele, peltier road massacre, phasma phasmatis, phoenix bodies, policy of three, portrait, portraits of past, prom queen!!, saetia, seeing means more, september, shai hulud, shenotesthechariots, shikari, song of zarathustra, songs:ohia, spirit of versailles, staircase, sunshine, supersitions of the sky, superstitions of the sky, the gtc, the khayembii communique, the kodan armada, the spirit of versailles, tuesday mourning, usurp synapse, with passion, xiu xiu