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merry xmas

Isn't It funny how things turn out

Around the year 2003, a phenomenon known as RIDE BIKES blew upon the stage and in the forefront was the sleepy town of Orinda who had been infected with the RIDE BIKES virus created by the explosion some 40 years earlier. The cure for RIDE BIKES involves a decent into the depths of the human soul, spawning tragic and violent eruptions of hate and anger. The Orindians have formed to use their new found abilities to, in defiance of this plague, create a new society where preps and screamos live together

recording jan 10, show with funeral diner jan 21 in sf

Scene Love/Unity

First LJ Post

last LJ Post

last LJ Post

Josh & Jenna

silver bullets infront of the dorms with new friends

University Tower's Finest


At Explosions In The Sky

Street Fighter

Explosions In The Sky

EITS Smokes

Jenna and I enjoy EITS

Hanging Out With Haylie/Kyle & Janice

Alpha Phi Date Dance

Halloween in Santa Barbara; the man himself...Yuvi.

As Always, the top dog...Fast & The Furious Dorian

The Crew & The Takeover

me and my gf

Turning Your Back On The Scene

Florida Jappy


After a hard night of partying, its sometimes best to pass out in the middle of the party on a chair with your cocktail glass in hand.


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